Our Solutions


Stormwater Management

Stormwater management is a growing problem and in recent years, with an aging infrastructure, the problem is spiralling out of control. Storwmater can be defined as any source of water that flows into the water management system of a city or municipality. Most commonly rain water, water generated by sources such as hoses and melting snow. Our solutions provide permeable surfaces to reduce the amount of water run-off being diverted into the public water treatment system. Our solutions can be installed in both commercial and residential applications.

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Ground reinforcement

Our solutions for erosion control offer a rigid level surface that can be used for walkways, access roads and inclined grass areas. IOWAT Inc. is currently developing solutions to address overall and differential ground settlement from unstable native soils.



Green Roof Applications

The idea of green roofs has been present for many years. Replacing a black roof that attracts sunlight with a green roof reduces the amount of power needed to cool the buildings down. The added benefit to green roofs is they can absorb some of the water that falls in that area. Thus reducing the amount of stormwater run-off.